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Fall Fashionista: Brianna Ford

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

“My favorite part about fall is I can switch it up,” said Brianna Ford.

As a senior at North Carolina Central University(NCCU) studying public health education, Ford also has an eye for fashion. Since her sophomore year of high school, she has been a fashion lover. While attending Gramercy Arts High School in Union Square, NY., she was surrounded by all forms of art.

From heels to boots, she struts her way into the fashion world. Now the style that best expresses her personality is classy, but chill creating a vibrant everyday look.

The classic fall outfit includes a jacket, sweater, hoodie, jeans, and shoes: but, even with the basics, there is always a way to stay on fashion trends. During the 1800s, turtlenecks were a part of the English polo uniform. This uniform didn’t take long to adapt to society’s fashion trends. Now turtleneck dresses, sweaters, and oversized jackets are part of fall/winter fashion.

“A jacket is almost like an accessory it makes the outfit pop out more. You can have on basic jeans and a shirt, but if you put on a nice leather jacket or long trench jacket, it makes the outfit stand out more,” said Ford.

With HBCU homecoming season coming to an end, fall outfits are always a go-to. The key to homecoming season is the three c’s; cozy, classy, and cute. Long coats are always a fall go-to, trending boots and sweaters. Fall colors include burgundy, green, orange, and nudes. Let this three-piece collection be your next fall outfit inspiration.

Photo credits: Brianna Ford Instagram: @_Creative.conduct_

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