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The Feature of the Week: Tabria "It's Breezy" Vance

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Music can be used to describe an instrument or voice that creates harmony. Music can express the way someone feels and for some can be their way of life. The history and art of music go all the way back to the Paleolithic period when some of the first instruments were created. Music is made to bring people together and express different cultures.

According to a Neilson Music study, 95% of the population listens to music. This leads to a gap for an artist to create their own sound and make their own music.

“Exhilarated. Blessed. Fulfilled. Exhilarated because I love doing what I do. I feel blessed to be able to do it. Every time I get on that stage, it feels like I'm fulfilling something that was meant to be. I love music," said artist Tabria “It's breezy” Vance.

From performing at contests to opening for DJ Luke Nasty, this artist has been working to improve and perfect. Her passion for music stems back to her family. Since her eyes have been set on the stars since she was a kid.

“I was in Junior Highschool. It’s always been on my mind ever since then. I don't think not a day that goes by where I’m not thinking about music,” said Vance.

This Brooklyn native has an electric energy that can be felt through her music and personality. Her ear for melody and R&B gives fans a nice vibe that relates back to the early 2000s. From writing about heartbreaks to love; the vibe in her music cannot be missed.

Vance began making her own beats and wrote her first rap in the 6th grade. She received tremendous support from her Mom. Working with her talented sister and mom pushed Vance to be musically knowledgeable and see the fun in the music industry. Doing small contests left a musical imprint on Vance.

"It was this one show we (Tabria and her sister) had where my mom went all out. She took the show kinda personally... The applause and the standing ovation and everyone wanted to know us. Just people telling you how they feel when you sing. I think that was it for me,” said Vance.

Vance’s mom worked to expose her two children to singing and performing. Through love and practice, she encouraged Vance's musical profession. This was only the start of her musical journey.

After moving to Florida, she took on music full-time. In 2019, she started attending Full Sail University to study audio production continuing to build her networks in the music industry.

In 2020, she performed for the NO. 1 international live event marketing company, 2Hot Radio. In Tampa, FL Vance ranked in the top 10. After moving to the next round in Miami she ranked No. 7 but did not make it to the last round.

However, this opportunity opened the door for Vance leading her to work with MTV management for a year. She performed at various shows including Orlando and the Freak Show.

“A lot of these experiences have made me the artist that I am,” said Vance.

She released her first E.P, Episodes in 2021. Now her top two songs on iTunes are 'With you tonight 'and 'Welp'. She's had the opportunity opened up for DJ Luke Nasty at the Lookers Gentleman Club with other various artists.


What's for you is for you and nothing can take that away. Only you can stop yourself from getting to it. "

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