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The beauty of the Week: Eye Catchers

With social media's strong influence, beauty trends including brows, micro-blading, and lashes have been the highlight of beauty hacks. As lash extensions took over social conversations, the lash market grew sprouting the opportunity for more business opportunities.

In 2019, Eye Catchers joined the lash industry launching in Reading, PA. The woman behind it all, founder and CEO, Sierra Figueroa started Eye Catchers on the foundation of ambition and love.

"It's not just about the business or the money, it's about the relationships and the bond that you are building with your clientele to keep your business uplifted," said Figueroa.

In the 6th grade, Figueroa and her late best friend planned to start a clothing company named Eye Catchers. After her best friend passed in 2019, Figueroa decided to keep the name Eye Catchers to bring their dream to reality.

Sierra Figueroa and loved ones at Talisha's tombstone.

"She's pretty much my motivation for it. It's been something we've spoken about since we were kids. Now I'm finally able to bring it to life," said Figueroa. She then went on to say, "I did this in the name of my sister and my best friend."

Figueroa gradually began to brand and market Eye Catchers. She gained clientele in PA., NYC, and FL. As the small business grew, financial struggles and time got the best of Figueroa causing a six-month break in the business. This didn't stop her from molding Eye Catchers to success.

During her break, Figueroa planned different services to add to Eye Catchers and started to work toward her business goals. She built a social media presence on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook by doing challenges and reels for people to see her lash technique. While pursuing her Associate's Degree at Reading Area Community College for social work, growing Eye Catchers was still the main priority.

Founder and CEO of Eye Catchers, Sierra Figueroa

"If you were to ask me five years ago, 'where would I be right now,' I would have never seen myself doing this. I never was into the girly stuff. When I stopped doing lashes, that's how I knew that this was something that I genuinely loved and I was growing a passion for it," said Figueroa.

Eyelash extensions can last up to four weeks with the proper care. In 2020, beauty consumers were seeking a simple and quick look. The demand for mink and lash strips soared and women were in love with the lash look. Brands even begin to consider products that don't damage lash extensions and some even came up with lash cleansers.

It's been two months since Figueroa began lashing again and business has been steady. Eye Catchers hybrid set is the most popular lash service along with the volume sets. Even with lashes being their main service, Eye Catchers also offers teeth whitening.

In January of 2022, Eye Catchers is planning to release new products and services including classic facials featuring an anti-aging strawberry scrub and lash scrubs. These services will be featured for their re-launch 2022 Eye Catcher re-launch.

"Business has been beautiful: It's growing every day and the name is getting out more and I'm grinding to perfect my craft and add more to my services," said Figueroa.

In Loving Memory of Talisha N "Tali"

Follow Eye Catchers for updates and booking inquiries Instagram: @Eyecatchers Facebook: Eye Catchers

Photo Credits: Sierra Figueroa

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