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The Beauty of the Week: Nya Carter

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

“My mom is one of my biggest inspirations and supporters. My family believed in me since day one from when I came up with the product," said Nya Carter founder of The Opulent Experience and The Closure Collector.

Opulence can represent many things, but in this case, it’s the reflection of a natural hair company. The Opulent Experience LLC. is a natural-based hair company that focuses on hair growth.

The company was founded by Harlem native, Nya Carter in 2017. Carter attended Thomas Jefferson University where she began her natural hair journey. After facing the damage from treating her hair with a perm, Carter was on a hunt for natural ingredients to repair her hair.

Nya Carter founder of The Opulent Experience and Closure Collector

"There was a giant beauty supply store. I feel like I lived there. Every other week I was in there getting something, either it was threading needles or pack hair. I learned from there," said Carter.

Soon her different styles and unique taste begin to turn heads on campus. Her peers were eager to be next in her chair. While her clientele strengthened, Carter begin to follow hair pages and celebrity stylists on social media to learn new techniques. She used YouTube as a learning tool for tips and tricks on new and trending styles.

In the midst of her research, her hair journey sent her on a path to finding natural ingredients that worked best for those suffering from hair loss and dry scalp. This influenced Carter to make her own combination of ingredients for her own hair.

Using her kitchen as a laboratory, she created different blends trying to find the perfect mix. She used her family and friends as her testers.

“Eventually once I got the right formula and the right ingredients I was able to see growth in my hair and in my little sister's hair,” said Carter.

Carter released her ‘stimulating follicle oil’ in 2019. The oil consists of cinnamon oil and Jamaican Black Castor oil. The stimulating follicle oil was created for those suffering from hair loss or alopecia. It was initially created for her mom and is now one of Carter's best-selling products.

"My mom is a cancer survivor. They told her that at the place where they cut the tumor out off her head that the hair follicles were burnt and that hair will never grow there again. So I decided to create a concoction," said Carter.

After three to four weeks, Carter's mom saw growth. Carter promoted the oil on social media for people to see the results and purchase the oil. This motivated Carter to keep experimenting with other formulas. She created two more products; a gentle cleansing African black soap and a two-in-one hydrating oil.

Now The Opulent Experience has over five products including tea tree and peppermint shampoo and conditioner, ‘body guard’ heat protectant spray, ‘get me body’ hair foam, and more.

With The Opulent Experience growing, Carter did not leave her love for patterns and Ombre's behind. Her custom-colored units grabbed social media's attention, showcasing her talent even more.

“One of my units were inspired by a video from Nicki Manji. Her wig was half red and half rainbow. My friend ordered it and it went viral,” said Carter.

This was Carter's first of many costume-colored wigs to go viral n social media. While the trends for colored hair extensions came into effect, Carter launched the Closure Collection. This line focuses on hair extensions and costume coloring.

Carter is in the process of working on a kid line for The Opulent Experience and is also expanding the Closure Collection. Both website will be available soon. For updates, follow The Opulent Experience on Instagram @theopulentexperiencellc.

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